Thursday, March 15, 2018

A Pray to temporal god of corruption.

Please cause a Financial Institution to hand me a gold mine. Enable a billion ngultums loan at low interest and then  borrow the same from me at high interest. Share my spoils thus obtained.

Buy or intimidate or collude with Regulatory RMA and Supervisory Board of Directors. Chain ACC
by Trio Team of OAG, Labour Ministry and Royal Court of Justice.

For select Few, Laughing all the way to the banks in the Nation of corrosive GNH ( Gifts Never Hindered ).

Oh! How openly corrupted society animals we have transformed in a decade ! Not a trace of guilt. Political backing is so wonderfully powerful in a nation to rot. 

Sunday, March 11, 2018


There are two brands of Ngolops in Bhutan.

1. The Ones that lead Southern Bhutan uprising against the King and Country.

2.  Those Bhutanese economic and political Tsars who promote Indian Motor Car Rallies in Bhutan destroying the Pristine Nature and Carbon Neutral Policy of Bhutan. They are Ngolops against Druk Yul People and Land. They prostitute our environment for their individual commercial gains. Pollutes the air, congests the road and belittles national aspirations 


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

For dear Students of Bhutan.

Gyel Lyon Bhang Sum translates to:  The three power centres: Institutions of Monarchy + the Governance  Establishment + the Masses.

Similar to the oft used  political phrase " Tsawa Sum ". However, fundamental  intent of application differs. Tsawa Sum is a modern term and often pressed into use in advocating dedication and respect to King, Country and People. On which the law of sedition might be  based.  Gyel Lyon Bhang Sum is a traditional national  vision fostering shared trust and responsibility as in national duty among the three tiers of political heirachy. On which the law of harmony or gnh could be based. The two terms are distinctively different as in discipline and cohesion.

His Majesty the King advocated this national vision during 110th National Day Address in Haa Lhakhang Karpo and the Prime Minister relayed it in his national address on the occassion of the celebration of 38th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the King at Thimphu Changlingmithang.

This means collective endeavour is the ultimate formulae for promoting and achieving Druk Yul sovereign dignity and unity.

Bhutanese citizen of all ages have a role and responsibility for the prosperity and dignity of Druk Yul Kingdom. You are important in nation building goal.

Thank you students for your superb and innovative dances and demonstrations that cream topped the national celebrations on the  joyous occassion of Majestic 38th Royal Birth Anniversary.

May Pelden Drukpa grant you A Happy and Successful Academic of Year of 2018 ! ! !

Monday, February 19, 2018

Political thoughts on Druk Yul endangered status.

It is disheartening to read that top Indian team of foreign and military dignatories visited Bhutan recently ( 6th and 7th Feburary, 2018)  from sources who shared Indian media news in fb. Only a dishonest Bhutanese leadership would blackout such critical news from our own media when the same is shared with Indian media by Indian Government.. 

I do not mind  Bhutan being led by  PDP or any other Bhutanese Political Parties or individuals as long as they act out policies  and deeds as true sovereign Pelden Drukpa citizens and keaders. But sadly our sovereignty is being eroded and our own leaders are playing the role of eroding agents with self intent or under manipulation. And the attention of the public is being diverted to Zhemgang gho and kira and childish public controversies/ allegations between PDP and DPT.

True Bhutanese citizens will wear their dedication to Palden Drukpa in their heart whilst others will wear their outward sentiment on their sleeves as in faithfully following gho and kira dictates and duping public with political  gimmicks. 

There is real danger of money and India taking over 2018 Elections no matter who comes to power. In 2008, I had no doubts about the priorities of the leaderships of both Presidents of DPT and PDP. Both Lyonpo Jigmi Thinley and Lyonpo Sangay Ngedrup  were well groomed and  seasoned national leaders. Sons of Pelden Drukpa and dedicated to national sovereign dignity. I believe that Lyonpo Sangay Ngedrup would have made a fine Prime Minister. His record of service as Minister and Prime Minister under absolute Monarchy reign stands as testimonies. And I do not believe that Lyonchen Jigmi Thinley betrayed Tsawa Sum as the 1st Prime Minister of democratic Bhutan. He is too smart and deeply ingrained in the Bhutanese cultural and political system not to have known that national strength comes from Tsawa Sum especially the nation reverred Institution of Monarchy. Too bad that possible misunderstandings cropped up or were deliberately created so successfully. And it is not the first time in the history of modern Bhutan. We still suffer as a nation and as a society from the grievous wounds of suspicions and hurt of 1960s and 70s. There are dark forces out to weaken and wreak a united Bhutanese heirachy.    

I dearly wished that democracy party system was not introduced in Bhutan. Mind you democratic elections for political posts was there for a long time since the reign of the illustrious Third King. Bhutanese public chose their gups, elected their Royal Advisory Councillors and Representatives to the National Assembly.   And from those august Bodies, members moved to Executive and Judicial posts. Thus Bhutanese national administration had elements of grassroot representations long before 2008.    

I am not against principles of democracy. And I sincerely believe in freedom of speech and thoughts that democracy is supposed to value and which I believe are birth right of a human being along with duty of being a responsible member of a community or national society.   Looking back, maybe , in many ways , my inner hesitation to adopt party democracy has been  justified. Today,  I cannot pinpoint one concrete and complete gift of democracy that benefitted the nation as a whole. Sure many more individuals entered the top social pyramid level. We have grossly paid Ministers and MPs and many such elected members owe their positions  to democracy party system  and not to the  grace of the King as was under the old system.  But on the whole, the national sovereign status has dipped under party democracy. We have more political leaders with more confused or self priorities.

There is no certainty what lies beneath the loud public talks of our political leaders.  I am weary of all Political Parties not that they cannot be trusted for their Bhutanese blood or birth.  Simply I fear their pursuit to rule Bhutan may compel them to compromise their Pelden Drukpa aspirations and ultimately reduce Bhuan to a vassal state of India. We are definitely on the path of vassal state. Not just PDP but even another Political Party including DPT may now lack the political will and clout to sign the Border Agreement with China. And BBIN will come back no matter who comes into power. The Southern Highway is dead forever and gradually there will be more cession of Drul Yul priorities  to Indian hegemony.  And such situation will promote internal turmoil of regionalism. Race and religion will boil over as faith in national leadership is worn down.

Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay is not our problem or the weak link in the chain of national pursuit to sovereign dignity.  The nation and we the people are suffering from a disease of confidence level and greed for personal super survival. Thus our inclination to think that only India can gurantee our personal and political aspirations and status. And China overewhelms our national leadership fear psyche. Actually it is not only the  meadow in front but also the forest behind that can sustain the herd. But our political herders are too lazy and over comfortable in set ways and trends to even attempt exploring the unknown forests. 

In real geopolitical and social psyche, it seems we as a society are overwhelmed by white people, scared of China due to brain washing through decades of anti- China propaganda and feel comfortable only with India because Indians were once serfs of British. Its like slaves finding common survival comfort in America but for Martin Luther King who believed in the dignity of existence. Bhutan too needs a Martin Luther type Leader to pull us out of India dominance orbit of life. 

There is no need to prefer China over India. No necessity to accord China the same equivalent privileges like accepting Chinese substitutes or equivalents of DANTAK and IMTRAT in Bhutan.  In fact  the roles of these two military or para- military of Indian Army Forces in Bhutan will have to deminish in future as Bhutan improves her own abilities. Have India as number one friend but acquire China as our number two friend. Sign the Border Agreement and establish diplomatic ties with China.  We are linked by physical geography and historical culture with both China and India. It is an ill advice to ignore the importance of China to Druk yul sovereign dignity.  We must also genuinely  keep fostering understandings and co-operations with Bangladesh and Nepal the other two closest neighbours regardless of the status of those two countries' bilateral relations with China or India. Their bilateral relations are theirs to look out. The Kingdom of Bhutan must build bilateral relations with Bangladesh, China, India and Nepal for our own interests and national comfort.     
With deep respects and love, I feel that only His Majesty the King can soar up the necessary national resolve to sign the Bhutan- China Border Agreement. I pray that our Monarch acts now.   I hear some political leaders say diplomatic relationship with China is essential but not now. And they are tongue tied when asked why not now ? Are we awaiting for a different leadership or are we going to push such a sovereign task from the Third King to the Sixth King?  In all truth if what is taking place is not arrested now, the opportunity to secure our sovereignty as Druk Yul may disappear much before the Sixth King enthronement.

King Ugyen Wangchuck was enthroned and Wangchuck Dynasty instituted for the sole objective of safe guarding Druk Yul sovereignty and dignity. Now it is the crucial time that the Kingdom needs the King to fulfill that objective  of 1907 in total. . This certainly is no time for Bhutanese leaders to play hide and seek game of secret collusions with visiting Indian high level delegations.  

Please do not misunderstand or misread  political situation of Bhutan or the political choice of Bhutan. India alone or China alone cannot be trusted to respect Bhutan's sovereignty for good. The reality is that Bhutan cannot put her political relationship in one basket of either India or China. For our sovereign preservation, we need to have diplomatic relation with China too. A Kingdom needs defined international border respected by neighbours. A Kingdom must be in position to establish and maintain internationally recognised position of sovereignty. Respect India as a vital  friend but stop this political homage to a Master. 

We also cannot keep on saying our wise and great King will take care of everything. We have had citizenship infiltration problems, militant infiltration problems in Southern Bhutan and recent Doklam transgression by India and continuous gigantic resentments amongst national Political Parties take place despite our wise and able Kings. It demonstrates that both people and officials must be there upholding respective roles. Only united efforts have found solution to national crisis. The King ofcourse is the ultimate trusted and unquestioned leader.  But even the best and best of world leaders require followers not just following but actively upholding both individual and collective responsbilities.  Even the Almighty God need Prayers and efforts  from believers to grant required salvations. 

Our Monarch too need support of the people and Political Parties and their leaders. And in today's political world such support must be demonstrated for the world to notice. And it is not at all adequate to declare that you conducted your annual Chhoku or scripture reading for the health of Tsawa Sum. Or you took an official tour to foreign land to talk of the King and GNH.  You know and everyone knows your chhoku and annual scripture reading is only meant for your individual self and family upkeeps. And foreign tours have so many other fringe reasons. Likewise today, political leaders and their Parties are clamouring for the chance to govern but rarely for the national interests of sovereign Bhutan. Bhutan needs genuine democratic leadership to lead the nation. Not sticklers that leech onto national positions and bleed Druh Yul to demise.

If there really is in existence in the universe of Druk Yul the Palden Drukpa Chhoe Chhangs, I guess what is happening now are only occurring to cause a major upheaval to enable true establishment of sovereign dignity of nationhood. Maybe Palden Drukpa Chhoe Chhangs are just figments of our beliefs and faith indoctrinated since ancestors' time. Or maybe we cannot leave everything to the Dieties. Perhaps both leadership and people must put in more selfless efforts in nation building. No nation needs an upheaval. We need courage and determination to change the course of nation before the so called " elder sibling " strips us to defenceless nakedness.

Sikkim has sunk into the Indian Union. And not one original Sikkimise leader has survived afloat. Likewise has been the fate of Tibet and her traditional leaders.  Bhutan will not suffer the same fate of total submersion like that of Sikkim due to geopolitical startegic reasons of China and India. Even then none of us will survive with our status intact if an upheaval happens. The common people in general will be carrying on life as they have been since forefathers time under one  leader or another. Perhaps less sure and more uncertain and definitely devoid of national and self pride.  So a united selfless step to secure real sovereign status at this period when we have our Druk Yul as still ours is worth accomplishing over and above shortlived self pursuit of comfort and power.

Sovereign dignity is not just having our own King and elected Prime Minister. A system alone does not represent national dignity.  It is exercising national right to secure our national priorities and our leaders accomplishing such national goals instead of camoflaging failures with grand bilateral Indo- Bhutan priorities. Signing Bhutan-China Border Agreement is Bhutan's mark of sovereignty and  dignity. Not a favour to China or pivot to China policy adoption forsaking India as a friend.   

Thadamtsi must be a two way faith built on honest trust and truth. Lets us be honest and trustworthy leaders and citizens. Serve Pelden Drukpa not Hindustan.  

Pelden Drukpa! Gyal Lo !            

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

National Resources: Sand supply, NRDCL and Royal Command.

His Majesty the 4th King took extra- ordinary actions to reserve natural resources for common good of the nation and the people.

Export of timber was banned and later private ownership of national sand deposits was banned.  

Bhutan Logging Corporation was reorganised to form NRDCL and given new mandates.  In addition to timber, the corporation was tasked with supply of sand and stone aggregates at affordable retail prices.

However, NRDCL seems to have failed in all quarters. By design or simply mismanagement, the Stone Crushing Plants seemed to have failed miserably incurring heavy losses and worse it is now revealed that sand supplies were quietly surrendered to few Transport Companies.

There is no uprooting the tentacles of Druk  Monster Corruption Beast. Even the Command of King is subverted. And all this is possible because there is push and pull in the appointment of key management people.

NRDCL seems to be now making an effort to regain sense of national responsibility. I hope the Corporation positions itself to meet both timber and sand supplies at reasonable rate for the benefit of all consumers. And revive the stone aggregate plants to commercial success. NRDCL must have a Board of Directors which is not a total slave to the government's political party interests.

In the very recent tussle between Trucking Companies and NRDCL, the Truck Companies were able to approach the Prime Minister 3 times and even call a Strike ( unheard in Bhutan ) to force their demand to enjoy continuous monopoly of sand supply. This is how powerful private greed overides national interest.  At my individual level, I appealed to Truckers to concentrate on transportation business and not seek monopoly of sand supplies. 

Today, RSTA is powerless in enforcing new taxi rates ( after oil price drop ) in the face of all powerful and politically pampered Taxi Association of Thimphu.  The association got tge government to ban new taxi registration under Thimphu and then went a step further to get the government to ban taxis registered under other Dzongkhags to ply in Thimphu the most lucrative market. 

The nation has also  totally given in to private mine owners. And National Mining Corporation is a toothless Agency both in Management aspiration and mandate.  And very soon it will become a national liability and private Mining Corporations' bonanza.  


Saturday, January 27, 2018

Did ACC and Military Court of RBA error in haste and objective?

These days Kuensel pages are filled with the drama of military court's arbitrary verdict being dissected and challenged at the High Court. As it is an open court hearing with full press coverage, I guess one can also express personal views on a very disturbing event under judicial process. 

This ongoing case is to do with Desuung programme directed  by Dessung Directorate and implemented by RBA at its Tencholing Military Training Centre. The victims in the dock are Officers and NCOs who slogged everyday from 4am to well neigh midnight to make the programne a huge success.

The Desuung trainees started with college graduates and gradually expanded to senior government officers and Members of Parliament. Even the Chairman of National Council undertook the gruelling course. In ages, from physically fit young to weary seniors and in maturity, from fresh graduates to policy makers and legislators were invited to attend the Desuung Course at Tencholing conducted by these professional soldiers.

Desuung programne is the brain child of His Majesty the King. When it was first introduced, I thought it was a kind of orientation course into military field for young minds before venturing into other profession. Then as it continued and even inservice people were invited to the Desuung course.  It appeared that there was an objective to build up a kind of reserved force to compliment the small National Security Force. Only when senior civilian officers and elected MPs were invited into undergoing the Desuung Course, the full vision of His Majesty the King could be visualized by an ordinary mind like mine.

The Desuung Course is not an orientation to military field and not an only goal for Reserved Security Force. It is a whole new concept that introduced and nutured unique national approach physically, intellectually and in spirit the " One People One Nation " concept. And the success of this incredibly ambitious royal vision was thrust upon these few RBA Officers and NCOs who have now been put in the dock by the very forces of the nation that actually owe a huge debt to the herculean efforts and dedication put in by these soldiers of Tsawa Sum.

Hear the stories from words of mouth or already you may have read stories shared in social media or better still you could be a Desuung.  The highly educated, intellectual czars of civil service, policy directors and legislators taught how to eat, dress, walk, trot, run, stand, listen, think and even when to sleep in the line of Tsawa Sum by almost illeterate NCOs and educated but far younger and otherwise in other fields inexperienced soldier officers.

Success and failure of the Desuung Programne could swing the pendelum of national thought process from more dedication to Tsawa Sum to distasteful authoritarian exercise of indoctrination. 

The danger of such  mis- construction, mis- contruing and mis-firing or back firing  is real and therefore, the absolute necessity of comfort and due respects  by ways of quality and high standard facilities in boarding ( lodging and fooding ) including entertainment programmes to relax exhausted bodies and at times frustrated and  hurt ego and  confused minds.

These same Officers and NCOs conducted the trainings through both physical and lectures and by turn of duties also managed the arrangements for comforts of lodging, fooding and entertainments for those groups of very important and valuable leaders of the nation. The people who move and shake the nation in motion.

Nobody volunteered for the assignments. Being Instructors was their profession. None of them lobbied for admistrative duties of financial management and boarding caterer to those otherwise alien to Army Institution the Civilian Trainee Groups. The Officers and NCOs were not trained to cater in such manner to civilian leaders. But like true soldiers, they nevertheless executed the extra- ordinary duties as commanded to the best of their abilities and understanding.

The Desuung Tranings still continues at Tencholing and it has been a success to an extent that even our visionary King may not have foreseen though certainly His Majesty must have prayed more than anyone else because only the King knew what is at stake.

The orders were cast in black and white letters  for the comfort level of the Desuung groups under Training. Most probably even Training manuel and types of physical exercises and lectures were detailed in fine prints.  There was to be no compromise in meeting requisites and each group cannot be treated less than the previous group in terms of fooding and lodging and other facilities.

The Officers under prosecution are now informing the High Court that there was no Standard of Operation ( SOP ) manuel  in regards to Desuung Traning. They are absolutely right. Desuung is a new concept and objective is not marshal as in Army or Security Force build up. It is a social and political exercise to strengthen united service for Tsawa Sum. It is beyond any regular SOP to manage or handle or achieve the end goal. 

There was no Managenent Guideline or SOP as in Army language  that set the baseline or ceiling. There was just one order and that was to successfully conduct each and every kind of Desuung Group Training. And success these Officers and NCOs achieved under the orders ( in civilian language it is termed directives) of their superiors.

Mind you,  nothing and I mean nothing is carried out especially in the Army be it British Army or Indian Army without orders from the Top. And Royal Bhutan Army learned from the Army manuel that are leftovers from British Raj Army to the Indian Army. Therefore, when you read in Kuensel  that the Prosecuting Officer representing the Army Command  informed the High Court that  , " the administrative officer has all the authority ", you have to deduce  that the unfortunate Prosecuting Officer is speaking under duress with his scrotum lightened of its usual content. For in the Army no one but the top has all the authority. 

The Desuung were well looked after in terms of amenities and facilities. It was simply lack of time being engaged right from 5 am follow-in- line up to late night hours of never ending lectures that had limbs go from numb to wooden state. There were drinks and snacks but no time  for consumption. Meals were full course but again time was luxury that just disappeared in moments. You were respected but severally disciplined. You are reminded of your superior experiences and knowledge but still those Officers with few pips on their shoulders had you standing for hours late night repeating their own thoughts and principles as if they were sharing secrets of longevity or potency with their elderly audience.

And yet not one among so many groups of         
Trainess walked away. No one decided to call it a quit. No one decided  " enough of this gruelling physical and mental  bullshitting exercises". Instead as days passed by, they the Desuungs learned to appreciate the professional dedication of their Trainers and Instructors. For the Desuungs, it was from 2 weeks to at most 5 weeks but for the professional soldiers, it was a day after day lifetime routines. These Officers and NCOs  are back to instructing and training regular soldier and officer courses after each Desuung course. There was no respite for them. For Tencholing Army Training Centre the conducting of Desuung Training is a very important responsibility but nevertheless an additional task to its regular duty of conducting armed forces training courses for officers, soldiers and recruits. The Officers and NCOs are under tremendous mental and physical strain. 

And now this issue of alleged embazzlement of funds as ACC and Army Prosecutors insist upon. The Officers claim that there was no embazzlement. Just adjustments. We civilians would be laughing aloud or politely smiling at this word " adjustment ".  And foreign agencies in Bhutan especially IMTRAT and India House must be avid Kuensel readers for Desuung fund like most RBA fund ultimately could be sourced from India.

So let us take a moment  to examine without prejudice what these Offficers mean by the term " adjustment ".

At all times the Desuungs were to be provided with high quality meals. And so what do the management do to make it feel special during supposed to be very crucial.special occassions?  Like Welcome Night; Farewell Night and in-between super occassions when VIPs guests visit to interact with Desuungs or witness the Passing Out Parade. Yes like any other well intending organisers, the management ( administrative team of one Officer and one NCO) arranged dances and dramas for entertainment ( sometimes even an archey game ) and yes sufficient quality alcohol drinks and Bhutanese delicacies in the buffet menu.

Those were the only occassions and opportunities to demonstrate to the highly educated and respected Desuungs, the high regards that the Officers and NCO instructors had deep down in their hearts though during training such genuine respects had to be camouflaged by necessity of imparting proper training.  These few occassions may have melted even the hardest heart of grievance collected during the field treatments meted out to them. And expenses incurred are so insignificant to the goal achieved through Desuung project. Like morning frosts to mountain snow peaks.

The standard army way for catering even meal for National Day is have approved Vendors supply all estimated requirement of vegetables and groceries and billed accordingly. Any unused material could  also be returned to the vendors and deduct from bills later. And that would have been the routine in Desuung case also except the Vendors do not supply quality alcohol drinks and Bhutanese delicacies which have to be acquired from separate sources. But such sources though are availble are not licensed.Thus the problem of proper accounting as per laid down accounting procedures. Necessity becomes mother of invention. And a process was adopted whereby though some items are sourced from elsewhere the bills would be raised by authorised Vendors. And since those Vendors has no licence to supply such " restricted " items, they billed the amount but in volume of vegetables or groceries that they were licensed to supply. Thus it may appear that each Desuung may have eaten like an ox at times.

Neither the Officers nor the NCOs or the Vendors  profited from this arrangement. The items were served in the Party menus and cost met fron Desuung Training Budget as it should be. Embazzlement is to derive financial benefit for the individual. Here the adjustment was made to fit a billing process for genuine expenditures made for the overall success of project Desuung.

To terminate from service without any past service benefits and worse to
imprison these Officers and NCOs would be a heinous national crime. Among these
Officers and NCOs are those who fought along the side of His Majesty the 4th King in 2003 Military Operation in South Bhutan 
flushing out Indian Militant Groups of ULFA, BODO and KLO. In preparation for that what seemed a short campaign, so many soldiers and Officers marched  continuously on foot through mosquitoe,  leech and snake infested tropical jungles of wild animals for weeks and months running into years to make possible to study enemy locations and plan strategies. They are part and participants who rushed to national disaster sites to provide relief and rescue works and who jumped into the inferno of Wangdue Dzong fire to retrieve relics. It seems highly unlikely that these Officers and NCOs have betrayed their institution and the nation. Maybe we are betraying them.

Why has the success of Desuung programme become heart aches for some national or foreign agencies? How come the Royal Bhutan Command at Operation level could not stand by their Officers and NCOs? How did the charade of this cocktail of court hearing ( neither Army nor civilian judicial process ) happen at Lungtenphu ? The Officers and NCOs were not allowed to wear uniforms thus humilated, threatened and presumed guilty before trial, restricted from seeking legal advice and finally arbitarily and summarily declared guilty as charged.

I was shocked when a group of officers visited my home and requested for assistance. They were not seeking my help to bail them out from such a situation. They are aware that I have no such authority. They wanted an un-prejudiced opinion of what hit them.  And if possible would I represent them in the  appeal case at the High Court?

I cannot represent them in any Court because the laws have been changed to favour only students of Law and not those who can cut through the haze of political and administrative manuvres and expose facts. I also cannot represent them because I do not see the need for legal representation in a politically and institutionally driven case. There is no defence mechanism when the ACC and Prosecuting Agency is deemed right and defendents guilty as hell and persecuted even before the trial began.

My advice to the Officer group was and still is. Dear Dashos, I am dismayed by the process adopted to humilate and prosecute you all. All I know is that you have not failed in the task of conducting the Desuung Trainings. There has been a great number of applicants for Desuung Courses and so many Desuungs are so enthusiastic in wearing the orange uniform and serve the nation in any and various manners. You contributed towards realising the royal vision.

I do not know you personally but you all are able Officers and even though your own military court and military authority at operation level have ditched you, be a soldier at heart and in the Court. You still have the Supreme Commander who knows the value of your contributions and a Judiciary System that upholds good deeds and men dedicated to Tsawa Sum. And there is no such thing as handing out arbitrary judgements at ACC insistance. It may happen in authoritarian Courts but in Civil Court, there is no discarding the principle of criminal  justice that requires prosecutors to present evidence beyond reasonable doubts. I pray that the High Court will overturn the arbitrary conviction passed by the  Lungtenphu Court.

These are our soldiers in the field of Training or at the Border. At Doklam our such type of officers and soldiers wore gho to differeciate themselves from Indian and Chinese uniformed forces. And carried no guns. Our soldiers simply stood guard protecting our land unarmed but fearless. They followed orders. Theirs is not to question why or how?  But to do the best as ordered. Do we now as a nation crucify such fellow guardians of sovereign land for some dubious drumped up allegations and serve whose interests?  

My Prayer always is that May Palden Drukpa stand firm and true to national goal and aspiration and not be swayed by evil forces within or without the nation.           




Friday, January 12, 2018

ACC and RICB Corruption.

The ACC letter to RICB Board ( courtesy Kuensel today the 12th January, 2018 ) says a lot about the RICB Board of Directors and supervisory failings of RMA.

Whilst RMA can self examine under the shadow or glow of Druk Thuksey Medal, the Board of Directors of RICB should immediately hold a Meeting to dissolve itself. The Secretary of Company Acts of Bhutan under MOE must convene an Extra- Ordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders to elect a fresh Board of Directors and Managenent.

This scale of fraud ( not mis- management ) cannot have taken place so blatantly without the personal knowledge of RMA officials and at least few Board Directors even though they may not have been officially briefed.  The CEO and Executive Director team could not have committed such glaring frauds without Board Directors and RMA closing their eyes at best and at worse with their tacit approval or encouragement.

Respectfully ACC.  Please,  the rot is at the top in most institutions and stop taking your vengeance upon the  subordinates whose professional fate and family livelihoods are in the hands of their superiors.

In case of RICB, I feel ACC has a duty to hold RMA and the Board of Directors responsible for pretending to be blind to such broad day light robberies of shareholders and national economy.    

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Corruption A Galore in Bhutan. Sad and Sadder nation.

1. Last week  front page national news was that the Labour Minister has been sent on leave and Anti Corruption Commission  investigating Ministry of Labour. I still cannot believe how the Labour Minister could find room for corruption in the process of sending youths for training or for jobs overseas.

2. This week front page national news are a red scarf officer is  alleged to have swindled insurance claims in collusion with the Insurance Management. So very sad but it looks like  normal happenings ( refer Nubri heist ) between Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan  and influential people.   

3. And a proprietor of 60 beds twin hotel buildings called Riverside Hotels ( Kuensel Photo today ) in Thimphu  had imported hotel furnishings worth over 12 million ngultrums exempted from tax and custom duties. But when post clearance audit was carried out, half the imported furnishings were not physically available in the hotels. This means the missing goods could have been sold in the open market to make huge profit.

Now will the ACC decide to investigate? According to Kuensel, ACC is just considering whether to act or not to act. Sounds Great for big Corruptions.

Here is a scenario:

A hotel enjoys exemption of custom duties and sales tax on furnishings and equipments imported for its utilisation. Now a hotel owner say imports 20 millon ngultrums worth of goods that are totally exempted of custom duties  and sales taxes. Then half the goods are sold in the open market fetching a huge windfall profit that could amount to 20 million or more ngultrums. Thus a hotel is furnished without incurring any cost by the hotel owner.  Just good high level connection and clever manipulation of loop holes. 

And what is so sweet is that tourist class hotels are granted income tax free grace periods of 5 -10 years. And even later in filing income tax, such a hotel owner would be showing the furnishings that were done actually free of cost as expenditures and recouping the same in the books of accounts thus reducing the amount of payable income tax by falsifying expenditure. So such a  hotel owner could double or  triple the profit and no income tax paid.  As the saying goes " laughing all the way to the bank " at the expense of the nation.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

The politics of culture and the Bhutanese nation.

Every once in a while a Ministry or a dzongkhag administration or a local government ( this time in Shemgang ) comes up with rules on how Bhutanese people should be dressed and punished. This kind of official tone has become a disease for social illness rather than any relief for nation enhancement. If the  unemployed youths are given sustainable jobs in the like manner of orders of official threats and penalties about culture and code of conduct are issued, there would be no idle youths, no drug problems and possibly no suicides either. How wonderful !

National dress should never be used as a tool of politics or as a whip of social disciplining. Any Governnent or political leaders that endorses or allows enforcement of such disciplinary regulations into the homes and daily lives of general citizens would be promoting the sense of social fear and oppression. To what end ?

It was partly the blind enforcements by Dzongkhag officials of such rules and  regulations right into the homes and fields that made it possible for anti- nationals to incite social upheavals in South Bhutan. Bhutanese authorities must understand and realise that the end result of such official repressions can be either serfdom for the populace or forced rebellion. Neither is desirable for the People, the Royal blessed democratic system and the cherished institution of Monarchy.  

It is possible that some of our local government elected officials and appointed  dzongkhag administrators are playing into the hands of anti national forces or they are by intent manipulating cultural ideals to ruin the fledging democractic system. 

I hope the central authority and leaders respect the wisdom of prevailing status-quo. Our culture,  tradition, the institutions of Monarchy and Dharma are central features of the Bhutanese nation. It would be unhealthy to attempt to drown the 700,000 Bhutanese in one particular heritage. Bhutanese authorities at central or dzongkhag level need to refrain from promoting  a repressive social condition. Such a path contradicts the precious gnh philosphy and much cherished image of benevolence at the highest level. 

Culture wise, the nation is very healthy. Bhutanese in general are proud of our culture and are most respectful to authorities. We understand the importance of national identity of our  culture and are very much aware of the central role of the Monarchy for the sovereignty and stability of the Bhutanese nation. Bhutanese in general zealously guard our way of life and soveriegnty with much pride and determination. The opposition to BBIN Agreement was one such expression of unified national aspiration. Too much cultural dictates and penalties would kill national inspirations and aspirations.

Now national attention and energy must be directed where improvements and enhancements are most needed. 
Life of a nation is much more than attires, disciplines and reverence.

His Majesty the King as well as the voice of majority of the people are for better education; more employment opportunities; reduction in problems of drug addiction of youths; reducing the ills of spiralling divorce trends and alcohol menaces.

The prevailing national administration  scene calls for tackling the monumental institutionalised monetary corruptions in financial institutions, ministries, agencies and corporations; fighting misuses of power and influence and bribes in many sectors ; combating systematic manipulations of land transactions and so on.

The only benefit the authorities would gain from repressive policies in the name of culture would be a brief respite for their corrupt acts including mismanagement of development funds and official positions. There is no benefit to the larger national  interest.  

Besides the objective to subjugate the will  of the people, it seems that the fascination of some leaders with gho, kira and kamni is rooted in two personal agendas. One seems to be a ploy to cover up short-comings in their professional and official responsibilities through outward act of nationalism.  And the other seems to be to remind the people of their low social status so as to maximise the full powerful impact of kamni and patang attire of officials " from 9am to 5pm."  Much like an exhibition of superior natural endowments by the peacock to a congregation of peahens devoid of colours and dazzles. Could such be the original fundamentals of knighthood tradition in feudal Europe? 



Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A jewel of a hamlet- the Wangtsa ( Wangcha ) Village.

The Wangtsa Temple site was identified by Jhekhen Shakya Rinchen as symbolised by two very gnarled huge Juniper trees. A structure was built by JheKhen Sherab Gyeltshen and later enhanced by Jhekhen Ngawang Yonten Pelzang. Since then known descendant Lams include Lam Yeshey, Lam Rinchen. Lam Rinchen was great grand father of my father. He was  one of the two main disciples of the welknown first Jhe Sou- Chhoe- Ku ( a lineage of Shhadrung Ngawang Namgyel ). My father was just nine years old when Lam Rinchen died. 

The Wangtsa Goen-Chham during Lomba was a 8 day long religious event starting from the 24th day of the 10th Bhutanese month that culminated in the Tsechu held on the 1st day of the 11th month ( the photos are of the Tsechu ).  It  is a mixture of Bon rites and Kagyu practices. Gradually in recent times due to lack of qualified Lams within the traditional families responsible for the religious roles, the events have been condensed to 3 days and jointly conducted at the temple..

It is difficult to ascertain when exactly the Goen-Chham was instituted. But it is safe to assume that annual Bon rites were there much before Buddhism came to Bhutan. Ap Chhundu is actually a Bon Deity.Thus the yak sacrifice. Over the centuries, Bon practices and Buddhism merged and in my village the Bon culture of animal sacrifice was gradually reduced to offering of raw eggs.

Today at the Tsechu, the overcoming of the evil force is conducted by use of a statue of Shabdrung instead of the Bon way of fire torch and long sword. But the ground breaking or rather blessing of the ground in the morning is done by not Dhu-Dhar Chham as in many Tsechu festivals in Bhutan but by Saa-Cha Chham performed by two dancers with bull masks.

There are traditionally identified families responsible for the mask dances of Saa-Cha, the Lam Kenchoe represented by fierce masks of Pel Yeshey Goenpo and Pelden Lhamo and Goddess Tsomin the source of community water and wealth gifts. The Tsechu ends with the offering of Lamai Shhabten and Yul Lha Soelkha. The following next three days are devoted to annual village archery game.

A community annual Lomba festivities really  comprise of activities to thank the past year and welcome the new year and above all a gathering of young and old both who live away and in the village. As long as a you are within Bhutan, a Wangtsa born would not want to miss the Lomba festivities of the village.

On behalf of the families of Wangtsa community, I thank Kuensel Team for visiting our village and sharing our joys of Lomba celebrations with the nation through the two photos.